Acu-Detox: safe proven non-medical Detoxification from drugs, alcohol, & nicotine.

AcuDetox works to safely and inexpensively non-medically detoxify patients, increase the possibility of program completion, reduce cravings, patient violence, relieve the effects of anxiety, grief, mood swings, anger/rage, sadness, fear etc. and prevent relapse. 

Do you want to increase the results of your present program with little added expense? If so, then read on. The most helpful thing that AcuDetox does for an alcohol, drug, and smoking cessation treatment program is that clients come back for treatment. A study in New York City referred homeless women for treatment. The women went to treatment an average of 2.2 times. When they added AcuDetox they came back an average of 28 times. Clients leaving AMA will reduce. Betty Ford reports that heroin users leaving AMA reduced by 2/3’s.  

Clients report an 80%-100% reduction in cravings. Clients become calmer and better able to retain educational material. An important part of the protocol is that staff also gets AcuDetox along with the clients. Your staff will be happier and healthier. Using a baseline of the previous three years, Heart of Texas MHMR documented a 30% drop in employee sick time and employee turnover dropped to 10% from the 30-35% standard. It is not a magic bullet and how it is implemented is a program has everything to with its success. Programs that do not follow NADA guidelines do not obtain the same results.  

This protocol is appropriate for anyone with a substance abuse problem or anyone at risk. It is effective across the range for any and all substances being abused, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, barbs, nicotine, crack/cocaine, marijuana etc. This 5-point protocol is useful for withdrawal and mere importantly it is a most effective relapse prevention tool.  

Since it does not depend on words or verbal interaction, it is particularly helpful for anyone who is not able to communicate clearly. This would be for those who do not speak English well or at all, those who are retarded, those who suffer from severe emotional or mental states that make it quite difficult to communicate.  

In 1972 Dr. Wen discovered a diminished withdrawal symptoms in drug-addicted patients who received acupuncture anesthesia for surgery. Shortly thereafter Lincoln Hospital, a city hospital in the Bronx, started using ear acupuncture for drug addiction treatment. Lincoln Hospital today serves as a training center for professionals from around the world and as the model from which most programs are modeled. In Miami, a Drug Diversion Court was set up with AcuDetox as a fundamental comp0onent. After the first year of a yearlong program with 1600 clients graduated, only 3% were rearrested. This success leads Dade County to set up domestic violence courts using the same model. Within one year they had to double the amount of staff to handle the doubling of reports. The Federal Government has been so impressed with the success of the Drug Courts that they increased their funding in 1998 from $30 million to $75 million. The number of Drug Courts tripled in “97adn there are currently 371 either implemented or in the planning stages. The US Justice Department reports that less then 4% of graduates have rearrested compared with the standard 45%.  

In Texas, Sylvia Blackerby of Austin MHMR brought the first program to life in 1987. Over 40 programs have used the technique in Texas. At the Heart of Texas MHMR, Tom Atwood did a pilot study with the most chronic dual diagnosed clients on their caseload for smoking cessation, using the previous 3 years as a baseline, the hospitalization rate reduced by 63% over a period of 6 months on 16 clients. This resulted in a savings of $159.000 to the State Hospital system. Texas enjoys the position of being a leader in this field and these results were duplicated in New Your state, England, Sweden, and Hungary. There are 700 plus programs around the world with this protocol 

I have teamed up, and took my AcuDetox training, with Laura Cooley L.Ac. the woman who helped write and get passed The Texas Occupational Code in the 76th. Legislature in1999.  It speaks to using AcuDetox for these purposes.  

We are looking for a facility to use as training center and to hold trainings at when she is in Houston. I presently incorporate AcuDetox in my outpatient practice and am pleased with the results. If interested in training, being a training site, more stats or information or a talk with your staff, for CE’s, on this topic please contact:

Michael Yeager B.A. LCDC, RMT, CAS at Solution Focused therapy Services, 2122 Rosefield Dr. Houston, Texas 77080, 713-461-3279,

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